Visit Louroe at ISC West

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March 29 - 31, 2023


Venetian Expo
Las Vegas, Nevada


Louroe sales, engineering and product specialist team members

The time to consider powerful and innovative security strategies is now more important than ever.

 Visiting Louroe at ISC West is your opportunity to take your understanding of the power of audio security to the next level. Come see us at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 29 – 31, 2023.

The Power of Audio

Traditional security systems aren’t fully prepared for the kinds of threats most entities encounter today. Audio security technology, however, is purpose-built to prepare the security systems of today for the security threats of tomorrow.

At Louroe Electronics, we design and manufacture audio security devices that are specially designed to optimize existing security and surveillance systems, for any and every possible event. Whether the aim is to enhance perimeter monitoring, business intelligence, alarm verification, real-time response or varied health and safety measures — Louroe Electronics’ suite of advanced audio monitoring technologies are optimized for the task.

Come Visit Us!

Come by our booth (8038) at ISC West and allow us to introduce Louroe's expansive product line that includes microphone, speaker microphones, base stations and more including such standouts as:



Intended for outdoor or large coverage applications, the TLO-A (LE-087) features a microphone for superior sound capture and a two-way active speaker for high volume penetration in a single, weather-resistant housing. The TLO-A provides both listen and talk-back capabilities while its internal operating technology eliminates the need for a mid-span audio amplifier.


VERIFACT-A1-1000x800VeriFact A

The VeriFact A is an omni-directional, low output impedance, electric condenser microphone with built-in preamplifier for producing line level audio output. The VeriFact® A captures an exceptional quality of sound, a wide frequency response and has exceptional durability.


DigiFact-A-le-870-Side-2_webDigiFact A

The Digifact A (LE-870) is a one-way ceiling mounted IP Network microphone. It offers the value of networked audio monitoring and designed to provide one-way, omni-directional audio monitoring. Integrating into the Louroe Microphone Application Platform (LMAP), this wide dynamic range audio device delivers the broad frequency response that users seek, capable of sensitivity in picking up low-and-high frequency audibles.


ASK-4501-1000x800ASK-4 #501

The ASK-4® #501 is a single zone audio monitoring system for two-way audio. The TLM-W remote unit contains a Verifact® line level microphone and a speaker, all within one housing.



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