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The Role of Audio Analytics in Education

By Louroe Electronics on March 15, 2018

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As school shootings increase, educational facilities are increasingly turning to advanced security technology to protect classrooms and staff from dangerous threats.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology like audio analytics, schools are better prepared to proactively respond to threats before they escalate into dangerous events. Shortened response times, reduced false alarms, and better overall situational awareness have resulted in increased safety, security, and perhaps most importantly -- peace of mind for the community.


Audio Analytics in Schools

In response, school administrators are turning to audio to enhance security inside and outside of the classroom. This allows administrators to passively monitor sensitive areas like lecture halls and locker rooms.

Passive monitoring is possible because analytics listen for sound patterns, not words. This ensures the protection of privacy while enabling administrators to actively detect and deter threats.


Threat Detection

Audio analytics enable schools to detect threats preemptively. . When used alongside CCTV, administrators can proactively monitor campuses for threats, potential incidents, and more.

The two most frequently used analytics are Aggression Detection and Gunshot Detection.


Aggression Detection

Since 90% of violence is preceded by verbal aggression, aggression detection is one of the preferred methods to catch and resolve escalating incidents like arguments and fights. These are typically used in classrooms, cafeterias, and in hallways.


Gunshot Detection

These are typically used around building perimeters, in hallways, and along campus perimeters.

When used in conjunction with each other as part of a larger security network, these analytics provide enhanced situational awareness and security.



While no analytics or security measure will protect classrooms from threats entirely, these technologies serve to complement each other in improving school security. Analytics help to better prepare schools for the worst. Shortened response times, reduced false alarms, and better overall situational awareness are just some of the benefits from using analytics.

And while technology may not entirely prevent tragic incidents like school shootings from happening, there is peace of mind for the community in knowing that threat detection analytics can make classrooms and staff safer and more secure.

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