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10 Essential Questions to Ask During Your Next Security Audit

By Louroe Electronics on February 12, 2018

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Security audits are an essential part of building and facility security. Organizations depend on annual audits to identify gaps in oversight, re-evaluate exisiting systems and protocols, and adopt new technology. Without them, organizations are left vulnerable to ever-evolving threats and dangerous oversights in overall facility security.

If you're planning a security audit in the near future and audio is something you're considering in 2018, you're on the right track. In anticipation, we've prepared 10 questions for you that will help guide your organization to a safer, more secure future in 2018.

Use the checklist below to help you get started: 


  1. Does staff have constant access to two-way audio communication in case of an emergency (interior and exterior)?

  2. Do your cameras have one or two-way audio capabilities?

  3. Do you have areas prone to incidents where cameras are not allowed (locker rooms, bathrooms, etc.)

  4. Do you have automated incident alerts (glass break, aggression, or gunshot detection)?

  5. Do you have access control without real-time communication (two-way audio)?

  6. Do you have areas with a high concentration of foot-traffic?

  7. Does your organization have areas prone for incidents that are only monitored by CCTV?

  8. Do you want to increase the security of your facility without adding cost?

  9. Do you have waiting areas, lobby or common areas with public access?

Of course, this checklist serves a more preliminary purpose in planning your next security audit. 

For a personalized audit, full-site walkthrough, or consultation, contact us using the link below. 


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