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5 Prime Locations for Audio

By Louroe Electronics on February 05, 2018

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Audio monitoring provides increased situational awareness, expanded monitoring capability, and serves as an effective deterrence against crime. Throw in secondary incident verification and increased evidence collection and you'd be hard pressed to find a better complementing technology to your existing video surveillance.

The question is, what are the top locations for audio? Let's find out.


1.  High-Traffic Areas

Hallways, building corridors, and facility entrances are all high-traffic areas perfectly suited for audio. When used with video, audio provides "ears to the eyes" and allows security operators to proactively monitor for threats -- a valuable tool in protecting high-traffic, vulnerable areas.


2. Lobbies

Any location with a high degree of interaction between the public and staff can benefit from audio. Since lobbies and waiting rooms are notorious for being prone to security incidents, installing audio allows operators to proactively monitor and address potential incidents before they escalate. There's also the incident report substantiation element, but that's another story.


3. Entryways

For the same reason CCTV is used to monitor building and campus entryways, audio allows operators to monitor for unusual or erratic activity in areas where conflict tends to arise.. When paired with video, technology like two-way audio allows operators to both see and communicate with suspicious persons in real-time. This serves as an effective deterrence against potential crimes.


4. Parking Lots

There's a reason most parking lots have signs posted about protecting your possessions: parking lots are notorious for crime. Rather than rely on reviewing security footage after the fact, audio allows operators to listen for things like breaking glass so they can immediately respond to crimes in action.


5. Facility Perimeters

Security incidents tend to begin around facility perimeters. Security cameras equipped with audio capture can provide an additional layer of security around your facility. This allows you to catch events before they materialize or escalate into a potentially dangerous situation.


Want to Learn More?

Audio's use extends far beyond these five locations. While these are an excellent start if you're considering audio, your situation may require something different. If you'd like to learn more about audio technology, contact one of our technology specialists today using the on-page form.

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