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4 Bold Predictions for the 2018 Security Industry

By Louroe Electronics on December 07, 2017

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With the end of 2017 fast approaching, it's time prepare for the coming year ahead. Many of us have questions and bold predictions regarding the future of the security industry. Will threat detection technology like facial recognition be adopted en mass?  Will interoperability between devices and software continue to differentiate American corporations from the competition?

Here are Louroe Electronic's 4 bold predictions for the upcoming year in the security industry.


1. Higher Demand for Interoperability 

Integration has become the primary selling point for many companies in the security industry. From IP cameras integrating with cloud-based VMS systems to audio analytics technology integrating with city grids, we expect a higher demand for devices that interoperate with other systems to form one integrated solution.


2. Increases in Federal Funding

With political changes on the horizon, we anticipate a greater allocation of the federal budget to security projects for cities and critial infrastructer. This is due to a greater interest in border control and national defense.


3. Greater Adoption of Analyitcs and Artificial Intelligence Technology

The IoT isn't going anywhere. As such, expect greater interest and investment in technologies that embed artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities. Automation, machine learning, and second-source verification promise to be useful tools for both integrators and end users alike in the security industry.


4. Higher Adoption of Threat Detection Technology

Proactive monitoring technologies are the future. Advanced technology like gunshot detection, aggression detection, and facial recognition enable organizations to adopt proactive security measures to better protect facilities and their inhabitants. Expect an increase in interest and deployment of these threat detection technologies across all verticals.


What Do You Think?

Are you a security professional? What are your prediction for 2018? Were you surprised with some of the industry changes in 2017? Let us know using the form below.


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