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The Case for Safer Cities: 3 Ways Cities Around the U.S. Can Respond to Threats with Better Technology

By Louroe Electronics on December 14, 2017



With rising crime rates and safety a top concern for municipalities across the U.S., one has to wonder: just what can cities actually do to protect themselves, especially when resources are scant or the budget is stretched thin?

Before we dive in with a solution, let's take a look at some crime stats and their subsequent financial burden to taxpayers to help us illustrate the point:

  • A violent crime occurs once every 26.3 seconds in the U.S.
  • There are 237.8 Aggravated Assaults per 100k people in the U.S.
  • These crimes costs $3,257 per U.S. taxpayer

Clearly, crime is not only a danger to us all, but it poses a financial burden to us all.

Fortunately, the silver lining here is that technology enables us to give cities the tools they need to combat crime and bring safety to the masses across the United States.

Interested in hearing more? Check out Safe Cities, our guide for municipalities to using audio and audio analytics to make law enforcement's job easier and our cities safer.


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